What we offer

There is plenty of recorded music out there.  You can instantly click YouTube or Pandora and access a plethora of classical music ensembles.  So what makes us different?


The Power of Live Music

Nothing beats the visual, physical, and aural experience of being in the space where the acoustic sounds are being created.  And everyone hears with their other senses as well, especially their eyes!  Even as professional musicians, we crave listening to a great performance live as opposed to a recorded one.



Yes.  Hours and hours of rehearsal and practice alone.  The chair cushions are faded and our hands get tired, but those thousands of hours translate to a higher level of mastery, not only of the music but our approach on our individual instruments.



We could just say we make this look good.  But dressing well and having shiny instruments isn't everything.  It's actually our dynamic on stage that hopefully draws audiences in.  When we're not completely focused on our craft and are in between pieces, we have a whole interaction with the audience including explanations, introductions, and just chatting; we tease each other, trade the baton back and forth...try to bring the stage to live with our energy.  This energy comes directly from our joy and love of making music and performing live for an audience.  And it comes from our combined vibe; we get along pretty well...so there's a palpable emotional connection between us.