Trio Kavanah @ The Winspear: Interview

On March 2nd, Trio Kavanah is presenting a free recital at the Winspear Opera House's intimate Hamon Hall.  To provide perspective on why the show is happening and what the trio hopes to accomplish, we caught up with Danny, Grace, and Trevor with 10 questions:

What are you most looking forward to about this concert?

DANNY: Connecting with new audience members.

GRACE: Presenting a diverse program for our audience.

TREVOR: The opportunity to share music with those who enjoy classical music and those who have never heard some of this music before.

Who do you hope to see at this show?

DANNY: A combination of people that already know us and people that have never heard of us or haven't seen live classical music before

TREVOR: Friends and family will be welcome. I hope to see a public engagement to help in exposing them to the beauty of the arts.

Trevor, as Artistic Director, you chose the repertoire for this show.  What inspired these choices and combinations of composers?

TREVOR: Variation is always important. We have music represented from Italy, France, and Hungary. I was inspired by the idea of a balanced program to expose the audience to different styles.

The set of pieces by Poulenc are truly wonderful. It will be a great opportunity for the audience to be 'transported' to Paris with dances, waltzes, and a general light character.

Our piece by Menotti helps create contrast in our show. It is active, but it maintains a sense of charming energy throughout. It uses orthodox musical form, with first/second themes and even fugue. It also has a beautiful second mvt.

Bartok is the ' staple' of our ensemble. It has wonderful colors, virtuosic moments, flashy cadenzas, and driven, rhythmic energy. It ends with a flurry, and I hope everyone will enjoy!

We may have a few surprises as well!

Grace, what is the dynamic like when playing with a woodwind and piano, often referred to as a percussion instrument?  What challenges and joys do you face?

GRACE: I am used to playing with the piano since that is the most common mode of collaboration for the violin. Clarinet is trickier because the phrasing of the music and technique is linked to the player's breath. Fortunately, my husband is an oboe player, and I am used to playing with a wind instrument. Honestly, the biggest joy I have in this ensemble is that we can be three distinct voices that create one unique sound. Percussion, strings, and wind...we have it all!

What's next for you after this concert?

DANNY: We have a short tour in July, and then we're planning a big show for September.

GRACE: We have a few projects lined up...

TREVOR: We will work on the rep for our next show. I am also working slowly but diligently on solo music. This keeps me busy!

Is there something specific that you are trying to accomplish with this show? 

DANNY: Spreading classical music and entertaining

GRACE: We are always striving to find our unique voice. This is another opportunity for us to express that...and hopefully, the audience will enjoy the ride with us.

TREVOR: To help the audience hear classical music at a high level and create a fun, interactive concert experience.

What do concert-goers have to look forward to?  What can they expect?

DANNY: High quality musicianship and entertainment. Expect something you won't forget quickly. At least that's the idea!

GRACE: Not only listening to music, but hopefully feeling welcomed, comfortable, and a part of the music making in some way. We love to interact with our audience.

TREVOR: They can expect to be transported away to different musical cultures. Our audience/public interaction helps keep things fresh and fun. Oh, and others have commented on our overall energy - something to look out for.

Why make the concert completely free?

DANNY: We're more interested right now in viewership and expansion. As long as donors and grants cover our costs, we are happy to present free shows.

GRACE: So our audience can enjoy without the financial burden.

TREVOR: Concerts can be super expensive these days. By making the concert free, it offers more people the opportunity to hear classical music.

Are you nervous and how do you prepare?

DANNY: Nervous because of anticipation and excitement. Hours of rehearsal and planning marketing PR, etc.

GRACE: Yes, always nervous! I get into a last minute practice frenzy, but the moment I step on stage, I try to let it all go with a smile.

TREVOR: I am always a little nervous before a concert, but I calm down once I am out there. You prepare by practicing effectively. I find that one can never practice enough however!

Any other comments or ideas?

DANNY: Thanks!

GRACE: Thank you.

TREVOR: You should come out to hear the up and coming chamber ensemble in DFW. We love playing together and would love to share music with you as well!